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When this information is provided it allows us to maximize efficiency and allows yours and our time to not be wasted.

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  • Cash Buyer Phone/Fax:

  • Cash Buyer Email

  • Investing Areas: (Zip, city, county, etc)

  • Property Types (SFR, MH< Land, Condo, Townhome, Multi)

  • Property Characteristics: (sqft, bed, bath, parking, etc)

  • Profit Per Deal:  ( % of FMV or $ amount) – Fix & Flip Only

  • Rehab? Types or How much?

What retail price range (after repaired value) would you like to stay under?

How much rehabbing can you do?

Little to none.

Cosmetic only (paint, carpet, and minor repair)

Minor structural repairs

Major structural repairs

Gut to the Studs and interior and exterior rehab

What type of deal do you prefer?(how would you like us to structure the deal for you?)

Bird Dog: We find you a deal but you do your own negotiation with the property owner.

Assignment of Contract: We negotiate with the seller then assign the completed contract to you.

Double Close: We buy the property from the seller and then resell it to you within 24-hours.

  • Exit Strategy?

  • How many a month?

  • How quickly close? 

  • Buy with Cash or Financing?

  • What information need for deals?

  • What is the best way to get this information to you? Email, fax?

  • How much money put in to each deal?

( it a requirement when a potential buyer submits an offer that they include proof of funds. When you are doing your deals, and you have your $1000 EMD and a signed purchase agreement, you want to make sure your buyer can close. The proof of funds letter is one more piece of security to let you know that your buyer can close.)

  • How long money out & working?

  • Certain things you like to stay clear of? Certain structural factors or Ages of property you want to avoid, etc.?

If Rental Property – Need this Information

  • How much equity need?
  • How much net yearly profit?
  • How much cash on cash return or CAP rate?
  • Property Management needed or do self?
  • How much cash flow per mo after all expenses?

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Serious Buyers Only:

If you’re a real estate cash buyer and are looking to buy rental properties or buy fix & flip properties in GA, SC, AL, MS or NC (and surrounding areas), we’d like to work with you.

Please ENTER YOUR INFO in the form and we’ll send you the handyman and discount properties we currently have available.

(Our list is updated 2-3 times a week, as we secure new properties and as we sell ones already on the list).

Over the years we’ve refined our processes, marketing, and relationships that let us find the best real estate deals before they ever hit the MLS market.

If you are…

  • An investor looking to add cash flowing properties to your rental portfolio

  • A rehabber looking for great deals with wide margins to fix and turn around for a profit

  • A person looking for a great home at a great price to live in yourself

  • … or just someone looking for great deals on local real estate

… get on our Buyers List with the form on the right and we’ll send you properties each month with discounts of at least 30% below market value.

NOTE: Properties are sold on a first come, first served basis, so if you find a property that you’re interested in, be sure to respond back quickly to get a shot at making an offer on the property.

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How we can help?

Deal negotiation

Contract 2 Close

Investment: $2,500


-  Locate subject property that fits financing criteria as well as cash net profit range. We will provide a cma report ,contractors bid and referral relationships needed to close the deal. We will guide you all the way to the closing table, avoiding all the common mistakes. 

Advisor Service

Overseeing the rehab (advisor)

Investment: $500/week

Min. 6 weeks