Joint Venture Opportunities


  1. You must have the deal under contact, no daisy chains
  2. We will not market the deal on any website, our JV program communicates directly with cash buyers via email/text/phone.
  3. If new to our JV program we recommend our 5 day turnaround, which basically says after we have a signed JV agreement from you give us 5 business days to secure a cash buyer or both parties walk away on the 6th day deal null & void.
  4. Typically we suggest that the asking price be under $200k, otherwise subject to approval.
  5. Joint Venture flat fee is $15K or Neg
  6. Our closing attorney's office closes all our deals however, if you have an attorney's office already in place, please let us know.
  7. The deal must meet our minimum criteria:
    1. Must be built after 1980
    2. At least 1400 sqft
    3. At least 3 bedrooms / 2 bath


Commercial Only

Hospitality, Resort, Theme Park, Multi-Family
Commercial & Residential Construction & Development

$1MM Minimum Project Size to $1BN+

LTC Program Details

  • 60 Investor /40 Developer Split
  • Large scale developments, construction
    for existing,rehab,refi & acquisitions
  • ZERO preferred return; 100% Rev Share
  • ZERO Developer $$ required into project
  • Will actually Return Cash Invested to
    date on case by case basis
  • Covers 100% Loan to Cost on Total Project
    Land & Construction Costs
  • Must have Exceptional Bio & Development team
  • Proforma Based

Eligible Projects

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Theme Parks
  • Mixed Use
  • Special Purpose
  • Office
  • Multi-Family
  • Retail
  • Industrail
  • Medical
  • R & D

For the best service available, send your submissions to

Executive Summary
Operating Memorandum
Commercial Loan Application or PFS
Cost Break Down
Operating Statements
Proforma Projections