Project Management

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Are you tired of dealing with unreliable contractors?
Tired of contractors going over the allotted time frame, and budget? 

We offer full service Project Management. With over 10 years experience in the construction industry, we have created a flawless system that not only delivers you a finished rehab, but also holds the contractors accountable. 

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1) Scope of Work - Once the property has been put under contract and the due diligence period has begun, we will finalize the scope of work (or all tasks) associated with the job.

2) Material List - The scope of work will lay out all of the tasks associated with the job and your material list will consist of all material needed to complete these tasks. To create our material list, we will reference a material list catalog we created to help streamline this process and limit design choices. This material list will help us develop an accurate budget for the job and ensure we have all material accounted for prior to the project start date. One of the documents that we use to order our materials is our vendor material list.

3) Budget - From the scope of work and material list that are created for the project, we will now be able to assemble a project budget indicating exactly how much the renovations will cost us for both material and labor. This number is the number that allows us to limit our losses and mitigate our risk because we now have an accurate number of the price tag for the repairs. To be safe we will add a 10% contingency to projects to account for any change orders that may come up in the project. This number allows us to forecast the total profit that will be accumulated from the project.

4) Schedule - We will be responsible for putting together a detailed schedule of the project. This schedule will be broken down by phases to account for all the tasks that were created from the scope of work. The schedule will tell us start and completion dates for each phase of the project along with a projected final completion date. The schedule will be used to hold all subs and contractors accountable throughout the project. It will also be used to schedule and coordinate sub-contractors for specific phases on the project.

5) Hiring Sub-contractor Sub-contractors- Once we are notified that you have the property under contract, we will begin getting estimates from all subs for specific phases that we will not self-perform. We will know which phases will require sub-contractors from our pre-acquisition task list that was created prior to putting the property under contract. We will be in charge of getting estimates from 3-5 different contractors for this specific scope of work. He will hire subcontractors based on price, reputation and prior work.

6) Managing the Project - We will be tasked with ensuring material is readily available for contractors to begin work, making sure contractors are on time and coordinating sub-contractors to start and finish work. Now that the project has begun we will work off of the budget and schedule and make sure the project runs smoothly and the required profit will be made.

7) Final Walk through Inspection - Once the project is complete, we will put together a punch list document to determine any additional repairs that are needed on the project. We will ensure that everything is up to code, material was installed properly and nothing was missed. Punch list items are usually completed by our self-perform crew but if you just work with subcontractors, we will be tasked with contacting and scheduling subs to come make necessary adjustments.